Living together based on friendship


Dear friend  

I'd love to invite you to be a part of my Friendsgroup! 
Or to invite you to start a Friendsgroup on your own. 
It's a new way of living together based on friendship and help.
From very simple help to exactly as much as needed.

Most people have one to three friends who are willing to assist and help with everything. 
We want to extend this up to 40 people. Goodhearted people who like to help, but also can ask
and receive. In order to create a society based on mutual aid. Starting now in our own lives.

This letter is a birth announcement.
The next few decades many old structures will fall over and vanish. Structures that 
are based on the competition of self-interest. They will be replaced by new forms based 
on sustainable cooperation. Friendsgroup is one of these new ways. It's designed to grow 
into many independent groups of friends in a village, city, nation and around the world. 
All of this is free and very easy to achieve. If you’d like to start
your own Friendsgroup you can copy this letter and send it with email. 
Or print this page and take it to a new friend. 

For inspiration and as a perfect example, we can look at our own bodies. Where all body cells
cooperate without competition, they reinforce each other. The bloodstream serves 
as communication system for: required drainage, nutrition, oxygen and support. 
We, as humans can live together like that as well! You are like that body cell. 
And the bloodstream is our communication. And all that is needed can flow. 
For centuries worldwide Monastic communities lived according to this economic 
and social principles, all based on voluntariness which is the best system ever!
Friendsgroup is similar, but also adapted to our modern way of life.
Were friends live and work separately and are accustomed 
to live independently.

I invite you to become a member of my Friendsgroup US California City1 On this website you can find all the info. If you’d you like to join 
we could make an appointment to talk about it. Every member can 
ask his friends to join us, until we together have 40 friends. 
In this way all members know eachother personally. 

If you’d want to form your own Friendsgroup, let’s start by making a Facebook group. 
On the website you can find introductions in many languages. 
For new groups we advise to use this name: "Friendsgroup FR Paris2" or 
"Friendsgroup UK London1". With these titles, we can easily find eachother and
have a positive combined impact. All the different groups are independent.  
Then ask a friend to join you. Every friend can do that.

Welcome to Friendsgroup, I'd love to hear your comment!
Warm greetings, a friend ...

Friendly agreements 

All mutual exchanges are voluntary and free of charge.
That makes our Friendsgroup stronger.
You participate as a person, not as a family. Will your partner also participate? 
Wonderful, he or she can participate as an independent person.
A Friends Group can take up to 40 people and live in the same town or village. 
By this size there is always support and ask for help, and you can know each other personally.
On all kinds of areas we can share our talents together, free of charge and voluntary. 
This free offer is important, but decide what your limits are. Giving or 
receiving more than you need  is not intended. A gift is a complete gift, 
no barter to get something back or out of it. Adopting is gratefulness,
no reason to give or do something back. Your greatest gift to society
is your existents.
Every Friends Group will have its own asking and giving: 
Get advice at all kinds of things.
"Who wants to help me with ..." asking.
Sharing homegrown vegetables.
Give away self made products.
Asking for the help that you need.
Getting a loan without interest.
A friend in poverty gets a free washing machine.
Shopping for an old or sick friend.
Support on emotional moments.
Sharing an expensive purchase for communal use.
Lend or share an electric car, for a reasonable fee.
The loan of all sorts of things such as tools, ladders, books, etc.
Asking to meet each other.
Friends who live close to each other can more easily share. The larger group of friends 
is supplementary to it. Facebook and email contact keeps the group connected.
An open and respectful sharing of our lifes is the healthy bloodstream of the group.
It is recommended that the amount of new messages (new themes) on Facebook skirt to: 
at least one per week up to a maximum of four per week. The responses may be many more.
Too many letters (ex: high blood pressure) makes the group unhealthy and without letters
and no contacts the bloodstream stops. And the Group dies a silent death. 
One friend can be a mediating contact for another friend without facebook or email.
An excellent meeting place for the group can be a cozy community center, café or park.

Donation pot 

Each group has a donation pot.

Everyone keeps his inlay in his own house!

Participation is voluntary, never required. An inlay from 0 to 20 per month is recommended.
Only you decide how much of it will be used to help a friend. 
The heavy load is spread over many shoulders.

So every now and then there will be announced the total amount collected in the donation pot.

It is cash not placed on banks. So it becomes part of an independent free economy 
based on cooperation.

This pot is intended for mutual aid, emergencies and possible joint expenses, etc. 

If there is a request for a donation. Everyone is free to join. And the amount of your donation
is up to you. The combined amount is given personally.

It is very meaningful and satisfying to assist each other in this friendly manner.

A friend wrote: "I felt very deeply moved while reading your plan. 
I'd like to join you and would love to talk with you about this.".

And "I think it's just a very nice simple plan. I'm enjoying it... I am totally thrilled 
and deeply moved and blissfully happy and so much more while reading this plan ...". 

Thank you for sharing this wonderful inspired project!
I will share your letter with some friends in the Netherlands. 
With love, Elisabet Sahtouris, PhD
Evolution Biologist, Futurist, Professor, Speaker, Consultant

FAQ questions and answers 

Question: Can you switch from group?
Answer: Yes it is even advisable to switch or start your own private group.
This creates the best functioning groups of friends.

Question: What to do, we are already with 40 friends and more people really like to join?
Answer: It's better to start a new group then let the group become larger. 
You will see that the new group soon reach its limit.

Question: Someone asked me to be a friend in his group, I really like to, 
but I already have 10 close friends. What is wise to do?
Answer: Sometimes it's better to start your own Friendsgroup. The circle of your friends, 
will be the base of a new cohesive community.

Question: Can I be a member of two groups of friends?
And can my husband and I join different Friendsgroups?
Answer: Communicating with more than 40 friends is very difficult, so we advise you 
to be in just one group. And yes your husband can be at another group.

Question: I am irritated by the behavior of one member. How do I deal with that?
Answer: It is best to display more understanding than is usually the case.
What would you do if it was your own child? Dialog and preventing without blame, 
is probably enough.

Question: Is there or can there be contact between different groups?
Answer: There can be contact with another Friendsgroup through a private message
on facebook. Every Country can also set up one public "Friendsgroup" on Facebook. 
Where everyone can discuss and exchange.

I'd love to hear from you what you think of this letter...

Warm regards,
A friend ...

Email ...