--- M I C H I E L . S L E G T E N ---

natural meditation Thanks to my teachers: Eckhart Tolle Byron Katie Tenzin Namdak Tenzin Wangyal Knagpa Chogyam Gert Arts

Michiel Slegten (1955) 
'Awareness of direct experience of the natural state is my teaching'.
He works as a teacher in Natural Meditation. And gives Conscious Therapy 
in his hometown Zwolle in the Netherlands. Where he lives with his
wife José. He has two adult children Kariem and Tessel.

Natural Meditation is self-realization as praxis. 
His teaching is simple and profound. And is in line with the nonduale
Dzogchen teachings from Tibet, known as 'the praxis of the natural state'. 
The focus is on realizing our natural state of oneness and perfection.

After six years of meditation practice (integrated into everyday living), 
he awoke in 1995 to his true nature. With the help of Dzogchen teacher
Yongdzin Tenzin Namdak, the teacher of the teachers who also taught
the Dalai Lama. For info about my teachers click pictures. 
Michiel followed intensely: Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle 
and Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche.

His e Book 'At ease at the well' was published after more than 20 years 
of realization. Michiel Slegten has a clear and poetic way of writing.
And encourages you, direct to experience what is written.

Michiel is open for Skype consultation, based on donations. 
His teachings are recorded and can be found on his 
website: MichielSlegten.nl/english
email  : michielslegten@gmail.com

Great perfection is your true nature