Natural Meditation - Michiel Slegten



Natural Meditation is self-realization
as praxis. Awareness of direct experience
of the natural state is my teaching. 

Here you find my teachings videos
and the English translation 
of my e Book is not ready yet.

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Michiel Slegten

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Great perfection is your true nature

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                                                 Praxis of the natural state 

The natural state 

An adventurous woman was searching for her natural state. 
She came to know that in her childhood she was sparkling alive. 
Lost it and was feeling a longing to regain that wondrous state of being. 
After a long journey she bowed to an old man. Who sat for his wooden hut,
located on the edge of a mountain lake. "I know what you're                              
looking for," he said, 'very few are finding what you have lost'.                        Interviews Awakening People
She told him about her journey and they enjoyed a cup of tea                                             + 
together. The sun went down, the water is shining golden light                                Advaita TV nonstop
and it became colder. 'What can I do? " she asked.
"You can't do anything," he said, 'it's all been done for you, 
it's perfect and it's beautiful.' 
She looked silently into the distance, finaly she said goodbye and
went back to where she came from. Whisperering without end: 
'It's all been done, it's perfect and it's beautiful.'

'You can't do anything,' he said, 'it's all been done for you, 
it's perfect and it's beautiful.' This is one of the most important
pointing's to recognize your natural state of being. 
The great perfection of reality is already here.

Let's see if we could find this wisdom in our own experience. 
Where should you look? I wish you could find the answer with utmost
certainty. It is so full of simplicity that almost everyone get lost
in thoughts about it. It is the diamond hidden in the mud, 
kicked away like a stone.

Reality we can not reject it without being blind.